Most sanctuary cities receive grants despite administration efforts to block them

Dspite efforts by the Trump Justice Department, almost all sanctuary states and cities who were awarded federal law enforcement grants in 2017 received them. Out of 30 cities and states that Congress authorized to receive the funding, only one - Oregon - has yet to be approved for the grant. The Hill: Many localities targeted by the Justice Department in 2017 for a freeze in grant funding have won legal victories against the Justice Department over the funding, such as the U.S. Conference of Mayors which won a victory last year on behalf of its member cities which temporarily prevented the Justice Department from freezing the funds. The Conference of Mayors is now working on the 2018 grants, which were also withheld in many cases, a spokesperson told the Justice Department. Another victory against the Justice Department was won by Chicago city officials, who received a permanent injunction against the Justice Department over the freeze for the 2017 funds and...(Read Full Post)
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