Michelle Malkin under fire after barn-burner of a CPAC speech

Michelle Malkin doesn't give a damn what the progressive media and P.C. hordes say about her.  She speaks her mind — which is precisely why I enjoy her work so much.

Yesterday, she generated quite a bit of controversy (see this compilation of commentary) in her 20-minute speech to CPAC).  The entire speech is embedded below.

No small part of the criticism was implied outrage over her rejection of the "ghost of John McCain" in her jeremiad over the "grifters" who are "in bed with immigration saboteurs."



She followed with a call-out of whom she had in mind as saboteurs, and grifters:

"And yes I'm looking at you retired Paul Ryan," she said.  "And yes, I'm looking at you Mitch McConnell.  And yes, I'm looking at you, Bush family.  And yes, I'm looking at you, the ghost of John McCain."

It's worth noting that she called out other people, including the presence of communist Van Jones at CPAC.

Watch and enjoy a warrior who never relents and never gives up:




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