Maybe the Democrats are telling us something!

Is reality finally sinking in? 

Let me share a couple of stories from this week.

Over in New York, they want to investigate everyone who had a cup of coffee with then–private citizen Trump or his family.  Investigating Trump is about all you hear from New York's leaders, especially Attorney General Letitia James, who is a woman on a mission.

At the same time, the typical New Yorker would rather see his leaders concentrate on the state's high cost of living.  People are voting this way by looking to move out of state: a third of New Yorkers want out!

Another story is that support for impeachment is down among Democrats, according to this article over at CNN:

Support for impeaching President Donald Trump has fallen 7 points since December, a CNN Poll conducted by SSRS finds, following Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi calling impeachment "so divisive to the country."

The decline — from 43% in favor in December to 36% now — stems largely from a change in Democratic views on impeaching the President.

So what's going on?  Is there a connection between these two stories?

Yes, I think two things are going on.

Democrats are voting with their feet and telling their blue leaders to govern, from health care to encouraging Amazon to bring jobs!

It raises a question: is there room for a Democrat presidential candidate who runs on a message to cut taxes and stop investigating for the sake of investigating?

I don't know, but Democrats are telling us something, and no one running for president is hearing it.

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