Lacking crowds to protest Tucker Carlson, the left compensates by dressing up as bananas

Fox News top host Tucker Carlson has been under fire by far leftists and their media allies for a string of dredged up comments made to some shock-jock dating from before his days at Fox, with big calls for protests and advertiser boycotts.  Leading the charge has been the world's premier slime machine, Media Matters, described in all its glory by Sharyl Attkisson in her book, The Smear: How Shady Political Operatives and Fake News Control What You See, What You Think, and How You Vote.

The Soros-bankrolled outfit has made a cacophony about Carlson, amplifying its calls for boycotts and for Fox ending the show through the bullhorns of Carlson's less successful media rivals.

But something interesting is going on.  An initial protest called by Media Matters at Fox News headquarters five days ago drew..."dozens" of protesters.  Columbia Journalism Review has an embarrassingly adoring report here.

Now they're pulling this sort of thing, as seen in a video obtained by Breitbart:

Bananas.  They're dressing up like bananas, because they're desperate to get attention.  Conclusion?  Media Matters isn't getting the numbers.  Nobody, not even average lefties, wants to waste time doing protests of a conservative television host when the easier solution is to simply flip the channel.

That's embarrassing.

What's happening in the wake of that is that all they are attracting now are crazies, people with a thing for dressing up in banana suits, to do the protests to keep the heat on Carlson.  Look how sparse their numbers are, and how wacked out these people seem to be.  That's what the big Media Matters protest campaign is being reduced to.

No numbers, no slime-sticking, Media Matters.  As Breitbart observes, this is pathetic.  Because not only is it pathetic in itself; it's even more pathetic because the only one interested in it is Breitbart, which is covering it, but only on its Twitter account.  It doesn't want to waste pixels on its prime internet site.  When the only coverage Carlson's haters can get is Breitbart using their rally as an incentive for the conservative base, it's pretty obvious they've got a problem.

Image credit: Twitter screen grab from Breitbart tweet.

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