Know thine enemy

It’s no secret that left-wing media overlords have had Fox News commentators and journalists in their crosshairs for some time, with Tucker Carlson being the most recent target.  The title of Michael Anton’s “Tucker Carlson Must Not Be Silencedsays it all. But there is one quote of Tucker’s I’d like to challenge because it is crucial we understand our political enemies -- who they are, what they believe, how they fight, and what they are willing to do to gain and maintain power.  

Anton claims the ruling class and its “leftist handmaidens” can’t beat us on ideas because we are fundamentally right and they are wrong and they know that. Tucker adds:

On some level, they know they’re rotten. They know their gains are ill-gotten and not deserved, the result of bleeding middle America dry. But rather than accept responsibility, what do they do? They blame middle America. They hate middle America because they shafted middle America.

While some members of the ruling class and the left might be aware that their arguments are flawed and ideas wrong, the vast majority do not believe their ideas are rotten or that they have bled middle America dry.  Quite the opposite.  They are ever empowered by the belief that what they espouse and the solutions they propose for America’s problems, are altruistic and good.  They have the same passion with regard to their ideas, as we do with ours.  They believe they are doing the most good for the broadest swath of people possible.  They trust that their fight is the good fight against an ignorant and intolerable opposition that obstructs progress.  They are faithful to all things progressive and see only virtue in their socialist and liberal-on-acid ideas.

Let’s also be fair about whom they “hate.”  From our perspective, they hate middle America, as reflected in their comments about deplorables, guns, Bibles, and MAGA hats, and because their policies really do hurt middle America.  But it’s conservative America they hate.  They love the middle classes in much the same way they love the wealthy and the poor:  as long as they have their support.  They even love their churches and synagogues as long as they march in lock-step.

This is more about fanatics silencing and imposing their will on their opposition, while stifling, if not eliminating, dissent.  They do this because they are true believers.  But they also fear that their political enemies will be effective at disrupting their superior messages.  When foisting your will on 60+ million individuals who are not receptive to it (and have the guns), you first take over the cultural institutions, then the media, and then dismantle the Republican political and capitalist economic infrastructures.  While doing that, you muffle dissent by publicly humiliating those who speak out and drive them underground with endless harassment, lawsuits, and threats to investigate or imprison. In an ideal world, their guns would be confiscated as well.

The left-wing handmaidens are singularly obsessed with their superior policies and ideas; any others are a danger to their socialist paradise.  They view the legions who listen to the very effective Rush Limbaughs and Tucker Carlsons as having been brainwashed with fake news and too stupid to know they are being manipulated.  Such dissent must be eliminated.

Hitler did it.  Pol Pot did it.  It happened in the USSR.  It’s happening in Venezuela.  The enemies of free markets and liberty do not know that their ideas are rotten; they fervently believe they are ideal and we must understand that in order to prevail over them.  

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