I learned that Trump didn't tell Cohen to lie, there was no collusion, and the dossier was false. It is too bad journalists didn't care.

When I see any article by a journalist talking about lessons learned from Michael Cohen, my first thought is, why would I care what he says?  He's a convicted perjurer, tax cheat, and bank fraudster who shook down multiple corporations pretending he could get favors for them from Trump.  Isn't it true that once you have a liar, a cheat, and a thief, that is all you have?  The biggest lessons I learned from Michael Cohen's testimony are that Trump didn't tell him to lie to Congress, he never saw any collusion with Russia, and the dossier funded by the DNC and Hillary and used as an excuse to spy on the Trump campaign was false.  A significant number of us have known that those were false stories from the beginning and that most of the media were spewing forth these false stories because they wanted Hillary to win and they will do whatever they have to in order to dispose of Trump.  Are journalists and other Democrats who...(Read Full Post)
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