The Left panics over Trump's meeting with Brazil's Bolsonaro

President Trump was paid a visit by Brazil's conservative new president, Jair Bolsonaro, and the Left is panicking.

Here's what PanAmPost's Vanessa Vallejo, in an article that appears in Spanish, observed:

Yesterday the two great leaders of the right in the continent met: Donald Trump, president of the United States, received Jair Bolsonaro, president of Brazil, in the Oval Office.

The media were dispatched with headlines such as El Pais: "Trump and Bolsonaro exhibit their populist alliance and inflame the fear of socialism."  In social networks the leftists gave their apocalyptic predictions according to which Trump and Bolsonaro will even end the environment.

She didn't get the half of it.  There's more of this stuff going on, and all over.  Here's the Guardian's headline and tease:

Trump joy over Bolsonaro suggests new rightwing axis in Americas and beyond

US president says he will 'work closely together' with Brazil's new hard-right leader while world's far-right politicians share delight

There's also this, not from the op-ed page, but from the news section, buried on page A10 -- by Maggie Haberman and a coeval -- from the New York Times:

WASHINGTON — President Trump hosted Jair Bolsonaro, the Brazilian president, at the White House on Tuesday, and it was something like looking in the mirror.

Like other authoritarian leaders Mr. Trump has embraced since taking office, Mr. Bolsonaro is an echo of the American president: a brash nationalist whose populist appeal comes partly from his use of Twitter and his history of making crude statements about women, gay people and indigenous groups.

Or this, from Politico's item headlined "Right-wing movements merge as Bolsonaro visits Trump," in graf two:

Unofficially, the visit marks a milestone for what some see as an emerging new world order of strongmen backed by right-wing insurgencies.  Supporters of both presidents are using the occasion to stitch together the populist movements that propelled each man into office.

Here's the Associated Press, in the version that ran in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

President Donald Trump welcomed Brazil's new far-right leader to the White House Tuesday and made clear that flattery pays.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro — the "Trump of the Tropics" — ran an unabashedly pro-Trump, pro-American campaign last year, emulating Trump in tone and style.  It seems to have paid off for Bolsonaro on his first official trip to Washington.

Here's CNN's shallow report.  Anyone see this kind of treatment back when President Obama fell all over himself to suck up to Brazil's last socialist president, the former leftwing socialist guerrilla Dilma Rousseff?  (Notice also the gleefully doofus-ignorant pronunciation of the president of Brazil's first name by Jim Acosta.  Memo to Jim: Getting the Brazilian guy's name right is your job.)

When talk emerged last autumn of a "Trump of the Tropics" running for president in Brazil, the actual US President Donald Trump took keen interest.

On Tuesday, the man who adopted Trump's combative persona — in person and on Twitter — brought his fawning to the White House, where he decried "fake news" and predicted Trump's re-election during his first official visit overseas.

And here's the HuffPo headline and tease, you probably don't need to read any farther:

The Unbearable Machismo Of Trump And Bolsonaro's Bromance

The twin presidents of the United States and Brazil are linked most closely by the insecure, tough-guy grievance politics that fuel them both.

So you get the flavor.  There was even crazier stuff from Congress, starting with the likes of Rep. Ilhan Omar:

Or this, from some other congressional backbencher:

Here we have one from New Mexico playing the Indian grievance card, with another pol in Brazil:



And here's a left-wing activist pressuring the embarrassed silence of Bernie Sanders, who, yes, I looked, didn't want to say anything about that meeting, given the condemnations of socialism that came out of it:


Panic?  Yup.  The Left is panicking.

Image credit: VOA via YouTube screen grab.




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