Former Greenpeace Canada President: AOC is a 'pompous little twit'

Patrick Moore is a former Greenpeace Canada president who left the movement years ago when it was "hijacked by eco-fascists and opportunists."  He's no longer considered "green" by the hysterics, but like many "reformed" environmentalists, he talks sense.

Moore took off after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter and excoriated her for her arrogance and for being a "garden variety hypocrite."

He had a lot more to say.


He launched his latest criticism at Ocasio-Cortez — there have been others — following a piece in the New York Post, which called her out for claiming the environmental high ground while riding around in planes and gas guzzlers.

Moore was clearly triggered. He went on to call out Ocasio-Cortez as “pompous little twit” and “an immature bully” whose “arrogance plus ignorance... is a recipe for disaster.” She’s “unjustifiably condescending” and “a neophyte pretending to be wise," Moore said during his Twitter tirade.

All of that is true. The former bartender turned congresswoman knows no more about the climate than your average 12 year old - maybe less. She is parroting talking points she gets from people who are pushing a political agenda, not science. Like many ignorant people, she has adopted the extreme rhetoric of global warming hysterics because she believes it makes her sound important and smart. She is neither.

Because of her position in the Democratic party (she gets more press than any other Democrat) she is extraordinarily dangerous. She is pushing her party off a cliff and, like lemmings, many are following her. They believe they can ride global warming hysteria to power and riches - a misplaced hope based on their belief they can scare voters into electing them.

Thankfully, most voters are far more skeptical than your average Democrat. But surveying the political landscape today, you have to wonder what tomorrow will bring.



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