All Thy Sons: A terrifying dystopia and a good read

A frightening dystopia awaits.

That's the story of K.M. Breakey's latest novel, All Thy Sons.

As conservatives, constitutionalists, and fans of Western civilization, I suppose that at one time or another, many have asked this question of the Left: "where are you taking us?"  That question gets a (thankfully) fictional treatment from Breakey.  Rod Serling comes to mind — "there's a signpost up ahead."

Take a walk through Vancouver, B.C.  Sample the ambient present-day politics of a nation and a present-day city mostly immune to inner-city violence of a style and routine that prevails in the USA.  Then watch it slowly, then more quickly unravel and spiral into a frightening hellhole as Western civilization is openly and viciously attacked, with no quarter extended for the white, bright, and polite.

The title refers to three words removed by law from the Canadian National Anthem.

Oh Canada
Our home and native land
True patriot love
In all thy sons command

The law that changed the lyric and removed the offensive, sexist word "sons," was backed by Justin Trudeau, a self-described feminist and Canada's chief pencil-neck.  In a world dominated by poltroons, the Mona Lisa gets a mustache, and the maple leaf becomes a fig leaf.  This is where it starts.  Like a roller coaster, once you get strapped in, you are on board for what happens next.

In All Thy Sons, progressivism invades the lives of hardworking Italian Catholics.  At first, it is mostly ignored as laughable and absurd.  Then tragedy strikes in the form of a terrorist attack.  The protagonist, Tony, has his life take a dramatic turn toward activist journalism — the "Alt-Right" variety.  He chooses to go down fighting, adopting a "die on your feet rather than live on your knees" attitude.

Where do we go when the First World shrinks until all that is left are the fortified bunkers that used to be comfortable middle-class homes?  Preppers, take note: that "hits the fan" scenario that gets discussed in your circles just might come down exactly as described in All Thy Sons.  As such, this may be a story that a good man teaches his sons — and daughters.  (I almost forgot!)

K.M. Breakey's previous titles are well worth a read.  They are Johnny and Jamaal and Never, Never, and Never Again.

Breakey's latest, All Thy Sons, is his best yet.

Willie Shields is a former US Marine, a veteran air traffic controller and a radio talk show host.  A graduate of Widener University, Willie resides in Wilmington, Delaware.