Elizabeth Warren: I'm not a socialist except when I act like one

Elizabeth Warren made the obligatory appearance for Democratic presidential candidates at SXSW and insisted that she was no socialist like Bernie Sanders or even a democratic socialist. She claimed she believed in markets, but with limits.

Fox Business News:

“All I can tell you is what I believe – there’s an enormous amount to be gained from markets. Markets create opportunities. … but markets have to have rules. They have to have a cop on the beat,” Warren told an energetic crowd at the Austin City Limits’ Moody Theater.

Note: As of 2018, there were 185,000 pages in the Federal Code of Regulations. Each and every page in the code carries with it the force of law. The overwhelming majority of pages in the code are aimed directly at American business.

She doesn't want a cop to police markets. She wants the Gestapo.

Warren also ramped up criticism of the tech giants such as Amazon, Facebook and Google while speaking in front of an Austin crowd containing at least a few of their employees. Hours earlier, she unveiled a proposal to curb the power of tech companies through various means, including the reversal of what she called “anti-competitive” mergers such as Facebook’s acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp and Amazon’s purchase of grocery chain Whole Foods. Warren also called for Amazon and Google’s various businesses – in the latter’s case, its search engine and ad platform -- to operate as separate entities.

"Reversing mergers" and talk of "curbing the power" of tech companies doesn't sound much like supporting the market to me. Amazon, Facebook, and other tech companies have gotten large because they give customers what they want. We don't have to like what they do or what they've become. But they've become wildly successful by following the rules of the free market.

How big is too big? Warren doesn't say and I doubt whether she would have a clue about the answer. 

Warren has struggled to define differences between the avowed socialist Bernie Sanders and herself. It may be that the rabid activists in the Democratic party prefer the socialist real thing - Sanders - to Warren's "Sanders-lite." She is lagging in the polls as ordinary Democrats can't get past her Indian heritage fakery.

Warren is going to need lightening to strike during the debates which will begin this summer. Right now, she is just a poor echo of Bernie Sanders and may fall out of the top tier of candidates unless she can start generating some buzz around her candidacy.

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