El Niño forcing Oroville Dam spillway opening next week

The California Department of Water Resources is being forced by looming El Niño rainstorms to open the uncompleted Oroville Dam main spillway next week. The Department of Water Resources issued public reassurances on February 21 that uncompleted repairs at the Oroville Dam, which forced about 188,000 emergency evacuations after a near collapse in February 2017, are not a problem, since DWR did not expect the reservoir water level to rise enough to use the spillway anytime soon. But the timing of DWR's announcement came just a week after the National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center issued an advisory that an El Niño cyclical weather pattern had formed and would last through the summer.  The 2017 El Niño hammered California with super-wet rainstorms known as the "Pineapple Express." DWR continued business as usual, even as the Trump administration on February 28 denied...(Read Full Post)
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