Cory Booker blames flooding in the Midwest on lack of empathy

Senator Cory Booker got his sanctimonious platitudes mixed up yesterday in an on-air interview with Chris Matthews on MSNBC.  The topic was "hate" and the unspoken target beyond obvious, so perhaps secure in the knowledge that there would no probing challenges coming his way from MSDNC, he put his brain on auto-pilot as he activated the synapses, leading to his store of vaguely profound-sounding empty banalities.

In an age of anger, the man who carelessly called himself "Spartacus" now poses as a great healer, hoping to distinguish himself from the large and growing field of Democrats seeking the Oval Office.

Grabien screen grab.

If your tolerance for oleaginous rhetoric is not high, fast forward to the two-minte mark on the video below:

Here is the nut quote:

[T]his election has to be about uniting Americans again, and common cause and common purpose.  When I talk to folks in Iowa, I mean they're right to be angry.  Attacks on public education, attacks on labor.  Here in this state, the loopholes to get around Davis-Bacon.  Attacks on farmers.  Farmer suicide rates are as high as they have been since the Great Depression.  Just down the street here you see the rivers rising.  Historic floods happening year after year after year.  All of this stuff is happening because we are not seeing with a more courageous empathy the suffering of our neighbors.

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