College admissions scandal: Now we know for sure that elites do not know the difference between right and wrong

We are all suddenly privy to how the rich operate thanks to the breaking news of the widespread cheating by very, very wealthy people, some of them Hollywood celebrities, to get their children into the best colleges, not on merit, but by bribery.  Most people have long known that the political elite pulled strings to get sub-par students into good schools; the Kennedy family comes to mind.  So do the Gore family and the rest of the self-appointed best. Those folks take their privilege for granted.  They can pull those strings because they are entitled by virtue of their positions.  And probably sixty percent of those who reach those levels of power got there by similar means: nepotism, money, the social connections made while at Ivy League universities, and incumbency. Such is the character of a great number of the people who run our government and our financial institutions.  Like those indicted yesterday in the admissions...(Read Full Post)