CNN comes out looking hideous after federal charges about its 'analysts' Avenatti and Geragos

Less than a year ago, CNN was touting creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti for president of the United States. "Never say never," as CNN analyst Chris Cillizza wrote, arguing that if someone as awful as Trump could be president, well, then, that meant Avenatti, a CNN "legal analyst" at one point, could, too. " Look at the column inches he gives to Avenatti's glurgy and mendacious argument for the idea, handing out coveted news space so extensive it could be argued to be a campaign contribution.

Two-and-a-half years removed from my pledge came the news that Michael Avenatti, the man who has emerged in the national consciousness as the lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels, is considering running against Trump in 2020.
"IF (big) [Trump] seeks re-election, I will run, but only if I think that there is no other candidate in the race that has a REAL chance at beating him," tweeted Avenatti on Wednesday morning. "We can't relive 2016. I love this country, our values and our people too much to sit by while they are destroyed. #FightClub #Basta"
Appearing on CNN's "The Lead" on Wednesday, Avenatti said that he'd be qualified "because I have three things this president lacks: Brains, heart and courage." He added: "if [Trump] is re-elected, this country is in a world of hurt."
Avenatti of course, partied hearty with CNN's finest, as Instapundit has noted:

Suffice to say, a different picture has emerged with double federal indictment leveled at him and reportedly indicating CNN's other legal analyst, Mark Geragos, as an unindicted co-conspirator, with the pair of them apparently working as a tag team to shake down publicly traded Nike for as much as $26.5 million. And in the background, clear as can be, is the news network that "made" the accused extortioner and enabler, handing them the tools they needed to get their 'work' done.

Based on the indictment read, Avenatti and his unnamed buddy look like absolutely putrid, based on the charges described, which got Avenatti arrested a mere half hour after he put out this tweet:



The fact that it came from the U.S. Attorney's office in the Southern District of New York, which CNN is touting as its ally in its bid to Get Trump, really stands out. I originally thought maybe the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's office in New York were trying to restore their reputation for probity in the wake of Monday's Mueller report clearing President Trump of collusion charges, which left a lot of egg on the FBI's face.

Nope, after reading the charges in the indictment, which hasn't been that well described in the press in its details, it's pretty clear it has the look of an absolutely cut and dried case of extortion, which is why the FBI was able to move so swiftly. Lawmen love cases like this, because Avenatti and his unindicted colleague, reportedly Geragos, made it so easy.

Geragos, who is a lawyer, according to a Washington Post report quoting his professors, rarely went to class at law school, so it's also quite possible the hotshot lawyer employed as a "legal analyst" by CNN literally didn't know it was against the law for lawyers to extort the way mob thugs do.

That's what how the indictment reads. Look at how gross it is - here's the first summary of what Avenatti and Geragos did and what they wanted for it.

Next, there's this - the underlining of his celebrity lawyer status, provided to him by his buddies in the mainsteam press. His Stormy Daniels representation got him his visibility on CNN. Geragos, identified as CC-1 was similar, representing people such as Susan McDougal, Michael Jackon, and Roger Clinton.

There's also this, which describes what Avenatti wanted. What a la-la land fool Avenatti was to think that his celebrity status, leveraged from his CNN appearances, was good for a multi-million-dollar shakedown from a Fortune 100 company.

There's also this - the mob-thug style of language in Avenatti's shakedown. This appears to be the kind of shakedown a two-bit thug would engage in, and apparently it's all on tape. This was CNN's legal analyst? The guy they wanted to be president?

Now for the most damning part to CNN and the rest of the mainstream media. Instead of money, Avenatti was claiming that he could use all of his buddies in the press to achieve his shakedown. (CNN wasn't named, but with Geragos still a live legal analyst, one can guess they were part of it, as well as in the fact that CNN gave Avenatti his fame and stoked his presidential ambitions). Apparently, the mainstream press will do anything Avenatti wants. Anyone who doesn't think they'd wouldn't give him the time of day is living in fantasyland.

The whole picture here seems to show that Avenatti and Geragos are crooks. And assuming the charges are accurate and hold up in court, that leaves the fact on the table that Avenatti became a "made man" through his associations with the press, particularly CNN, and being a less than honest person, as the charges suggest, he used that forked-over fame to make even more money, shaking down Nike. It raises the question as to whether whole Stormy Daniels show with the creepy porn lawyer Avenatti in the lead, in reality was a shakedown on President Trump.

CNN actually thought one of these thuggy accused extortioners was presidential material. Did America dodge a bullet with these charges? With CNN in the can for such people, it goes to show that the people it puts forward to talk for us on T.V. are an absolute disgrace.

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