Climate brainwashing in schools and the Democrats' lurch to the left

The mainstreaming of climate change hysteria into the public schools, beginning in early grades, has probably more to do with the overwhelming leftist sentiments of the rising generations than any other factor, including demographic shifts in the population.  Preferring socialism to capitalism is linked to the belief that corporations, particularly certain kinds, are responsible for rising temperatures, and only government can change the direction and save the planet.

The video of California senator Dianne Feinstein facing an angry collection of very young kids who demanded she take action to "save their lives" by adopting the Green New Deal is evidence of the brainwashing technique and results.

Via Twitter.

The children's teacher was of course there in full-throated fashion to support her young collectivists.

Representative Ocasio-Cortez is convinced the world will end in 12 years without adoption of all parts of the Green New Deal, and since she has taken the initiative, she also wants us to know that for now, she is the boss (so much for our elected officials serving the people).  People, she tells us, should stop having children, since they have no future if temperatures rise another degree or two.

Get rid of all meat-eating (except for the nomenklatura), ban air travel (trains will take their place: track 7 for Australia), rebuild all structures to make them energy-efficient without the use of fossil fuels, Medicare for all, and free college education.

And the rich will pay for all this (estimated at $50–90 trillion over ten years) with a higher marginal tax rate.

Is it any wonder that recent polling suggests that in two short months, the Democrats and their soon to be two dozen presidential candidates fighting over who is more progressive, may scare enough of their recently won suburban voters to put at risk what they viewed as a near certain victory in 2020?

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