Christian video on marriage removed from YouTube when Google employees object

Google employees on an internal company listserv complained when a Christian video on marriage appeared as an advertisement on several YouTube channels. A Google vice president agreed that it was "offensive" and had the video taken down. What was so "offensive" about it? Daily Caller: Christian radio host Michael L. Brown argues in the video that gay people are welcome as Christians but that, like every other person, they are called to follow Christian teachings on sex and marriage. Brown has spoken out in the past against “homo-hatred” and “ugly rhetoric” directed at gay and lesbian people by fringe groups like the Westboro Baptist Church. In the video, he describes same-sex relationships as “like other sins, but one that Jesus died for.” The belief that sex is meant to take place in the context of a male-female marriage — as argued by Brown — is central to most major Christian...(Read Full Post)
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