Can we please get rid of Daylight Savings Time?

Tonight we lose sleep thanks to the start of daylight savings time, an annual circadian rhythm disruption that results in excess deaths from sleep deprivation–related causes such as car accidents and heart attacks and a negative economic impact from reduced spending, not to mention widespread grumpiness, bleary eyes, headaches, and other discomforts.  First implemented in Germany and Austria-Hungary in World War I, and the USA followed, the whole enterprise is premised on the idea of saving energy by eliminating the need for artificial light for an extra hour in the evening.

Library of Congress.

Unfortunately, the evidence indicates that in practice, no energy savings result.

Like many people, getting enough sleep is a serious issue for me, and it is a struggle every day to get to bed and asleep early enough.  The last thing I need is to lose another hour of sleep.

Isn't there a political constituency for dumping DST?  Two states, Arizona and Hawaii, already do not observe Daylight Savings Time, but where are the brave members of the House and Senate to introduce legislation mandating a national end to this absurd practice?  I'd welcome hearings on the subject.

Of course, it has nothing to do with removing Trump from office, so Democrats in the House probably are not interested.  Still, it is time to end this ridiculous, costly ordeal.

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