#BirthStrike activists pledge not to have kids because Earth has 'no future'

A new climate activist group is solemnly pledging not to have any children because our planet has "no future." #BirthStrike has about 90 members, and, judging by their spokesperson, they are a really, really depressed bunch of crazies. Blythe Pepino is founder of the group: "Lay the children around me and I'm fighting for them, really.  This is my way of saying come on humanity, we have got two options.  We are either going to commit some kind of species suicide by ignoring the issue because we're too afraid of the change of something or we are going to unite together and at least try and manage some of the collapse that's predicted in a sensible and rationable way.  I'm not living a monastic life." CARLSON: "I think you should have children.  They solve a lot of problems and put things in perspective." PEPINO: "We don't have time." They must be worried that...(Read Full Post)
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