At joyous rally in Michigan, Trump calls out Dems 'defrauding the public with ridiculous b-------'

Another norm of presidential behavior was smashed — with great success — by President Trump last night at a jam-packed rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan last night (video of the entire speech is embedded below).  He used what the formerly respectable press used to call a "barnyard epithet" as an intensifier in making his point to the crowd (who cheered and loved it) that the Democrats have been peddling a hoax for years, and he is calling them out.  "They have to be accountable."

YouTube screen grab.

Trump talks the way ordinary people talk.  He doesn't speak in complete sentences, much less paragraphs.  The Gettysburg Address would never tumble out from his lips.  He is not what elites recognize as a great orator, but he connects with his audiences the way few speakers do.  Appearing right after the rally on Tucker Carlson's show, Mark Steyn had some wise words on Trump's style: "The president of the United States has developed a totally unique rhetorical style that connects with live audiences."

There is no distinction between his public and private persona, and it adds greatly to his believability — and lovability by his supporters.  One friend — with  a postgraduate degree — who reluctantly voted for Trump despite her distaste at his style emailed that she has finally been won over.  He was, in her words that were echoed by other emailers, "on fire."

She seems to be far from alone in revising upward her perception of Trump.  NeverTrump Bret Stephens just wrote this in the New York Times:

Maybe we've had this all wrong.

Maybe Donald Trump isn't just some two-bit con artist who lucked his way into the White House thanks to an overconfident opponent.  Or a second-rate demagogue with a rat-like instinct for arousing his base's baser emotions and his enemies' knee-jerk reactions.  Or a dimwit mistaken for an oracle, like some malignant version of Chauncey Gardiner from "Being There."

Thanks to Robert Mueller, we know he isn't Russia's man inside, awaiting coded instruction from his handler in the Kremlin.

Maybe, in fact, Trump is the genius he claims to be, possessed — as he likes to boast — of a "very good brain."

O.K., I don't quite believe that.  But going forward, it would be wise for all of his inveterate critics in the news media, including me, to treat it as our operating assumption.

Here is the entire speech:

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