Are Democrats aware that President Trump did not shoot people in New Zealand?

As far as I can understand from the highly redacted and still understandably highly confused reports, the  president of the United States,  Donald J. Trump (R), was not the shooter in the tragic slaughter at a mosque in New Zealand.  Multiple and reliable witnesses, including CNN reporters (OK, they're not so reliable), have placed the president in Washington, D.C. at the time of the shootings.  Not only that, Trump  spoke immediately and forcefully against the horror, offering U.S. assistance if needed, as did Vice President Mike Pence (R).  Obviously, he didn't commit this evil act thousands of miles from the White House.  

So why are people — well, OK, just Democrats — blaming him?  Prolific tweeter Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-no Amazon for me in N.Y.) pontificated:

Oh.  Of course.  New Zealand is another culture far, far away from the Bronx, which Ocasio-Cortez presumably represents; there are plenty of worthwhile programs out there on the internet against hate, while there are also many vile programs out there that Muslim supremacists, black supremacists, homosexual supremacists, animal-lover supremacists, female supremacists, etc. utilize for their evil radicalization and to reach others.  But these forms of hate don't seem to bother her; indeed, she often parrots some of it.  

Continuing the Big Lie narrative, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) whined:

Our leader of our country.  He cannot just say it's a small group of people.  There are too many deaths.  Not only from the synagogue to the black churches to the temples to now the mosques, we need to be speaking up against this, and it has to start with him.

Perhaps — uh, no, she actually was too busy blaming Trump, Jews, and everyone who doesn't agree with her to notice Trump's early and forceful denunciations of this evil — an evil she justifies against Jews in Israel, not so by the way.

In their desperate attempt to deflect scrutiny of the Democrats'  total failure to condemn anti-Jewish hate in a House vote to appease Muslim hate, even more Democrats also jumped on the Blame Trump Train for New Zealand and every problem in the U.S., including the divisiveness they've encouraged.  

In a series of swipes against President Trump on Sunday, Democrats called on him to defend Muslims publicly after a white supremacist killed 50 people at two mosques in New Zealand, suggesting the president's rhetoric was partly to blame.

The lawmakers, along with several Sunday show hosts from various networks, questioned the president's denial that attacks motivated by white supremacy are on the rise, citing statistics from the Southern Poverty Law Center that claim more than 80 people have been killed in the U.S. and Canada from 2014 to 2018 by white nationalists.

The critics pointed to the shooting last year killing 11 Jewish people at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pennsylvania, the 2015 shooting in Charleston killing nine black people at a Bible study, and the recent attack in New Zealand against Muslims.

"We have to confront the fact that there is a rising white supremacy, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim attitude.  The president uses language often that is very similar," Sen. Tim Kaine, Virginia Democrat, told CBS's "Face the Nation."

Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota Democrat, said the president needs to publicly defend Muslims, but stopped short of blaming him for the killings.  "At the very least, he is dividing people," she said during an appearance on CNN's "State of the Union."

Trump is "dividing people" to become killers.  Also noticing these "divisions," Senator Chris Coons (D-Del.) complained:

[O]ne of the most despicable things about President Trump's campaign and his actions as president has been the way in which he has seen the divisions in our country and tried to crack them open more widely for his own partisan political advantage.

Uh, Senators Coons and Klobuchar and all Democrats: it is the Democrats who have elevated "resistance" to the duly and democratically elected Trump as a virtue while dumping their contempt on the people who voted for  him.

Thus, the Democrats' hate of Trump is so deep that they unashamedly exploit a tragedy in a country halfway across the world for their own hate-filled benefit.  They are responsible for much of the hate in this country and perhaps for the New Zealand killer's hate.

Image: YouTube screen shot via Global News.