Anti-Israel bias even in the book world section of the Washington Post

No place is safe from anti-Israel bias at The Washington Post.  Even in the Book World section (3/15/19), in "West Bank. Brooklyn. It's all occupied territory for a woman," we read a review by Diana Abu Jaber, who can't help but spread this bias.  In her review of A Woman is No Man, Abu Jaber weaves anti-Israel mudslinging into what is supposed to be a review of a book about an Arab woman in an arranged marriage.

In the review, Abu Jaber states that the Arab woman's father was "driven from his home [in Birzeit, West Bank] by the Israeli invasion."  Israel, which represents 0.1% of the Middle East, never once launched an offensive invasion anywhere!  Israel captured the West Bank in 1967 after it was attacked from that area by Jordan.  Saying Israel invaded the West Bank is like saying America attacked Japan without mentioning Pearl Harbor.  Repetitive, insidious bias such as this attempts to persuade uninformed readers that Israel was the aggressor, when that was never the case. 

Abu Jaber, in describing the book, speaks of the horrendous treatment of Arab women by Arab men, describing Arab women as "virtual prisoners of the home."  The female protagonist states, "[I]f a woman called the cops every time her husband beat her, all our men would be in jail."  Abu Jaber then tells how the Arab men are "broken — by the occupation, by hardship, by bigotry — but what readers see, for the most part, is their assault on women."  Does Abu Jaber really believe that readers of her review will be suckered into blaming Israel for the trend of Arab wife-beating?  The fact that she thought she could get away with this hogwash is startling, but in a sense, she did in part because the Post actually chose to publish it! 

To set the record straight, no matter how aggressively partisans worldwide indulge in Israel-bashing, Israel is not occupying any Palestinian territory.  Israel gained the West Bank from Jordan — not the Palestinians.  Since that is the case, what country is Israel occupying?  The territory is disputed, and there is no final status solution to the conflict yet.

In conclusion, Abu Jaber states that a "potential concern for Arab authors writing for an American audience is how to portray Arab patriarchy with a Western milieu of Islamophobic and anti-Arab stereotypes."  I have never seen these concerns by Christians writing about controversial Christian topics or Jews writing about sensitive Jewish topics.  What malarkey! 

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