Clean-up on aisle 5: Omar deletes tweet denying she badmouthed Obama

You'd think that after bringing herself one controversy after another from her social media posts, the smart thing for far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar to do would be to get off social media for awhile or at least hire a pro to take care of it.

Not Omar.

After escaping unscathed following a raft of anti-Semitic tweets for which the Minnesota congresswoman representing District 5 was forced to apologize for on some, she's ignited a new round of controversy by attacking President Obama as "a pretty face" who has gotten away with "murder" and then dishonestly tweeted that the reporting on her bolt-out-of-the-blue attack was "distorted," even as she posted a tape of herself speaking that absolutely confirmed that the Politico reporter had quoted her accurately.  Now she's deleting that tweet, in some sort of bid to change the subject.

It comes on the heels of her previous controversies - three of them, with two coming from Twitter. In those, she revealed her hatred for Jews in remarks so bad they led to calls for her removal from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, a demand for an apology from committee chairman Eliot Engel, and a (botched) congressional resolution to denounce her anti-Semitism. The apology never came, she remains in her committee seat, and the resolution not only saw her name taken off it, it got diluted into a generalized condemnation of 'hatred,' which got her off the hook. She was last seen declaring that whole thing a victory. Well, yeah, given how badly this turned out, but the ruckus still was all hers, rooted in her social media behavior.

Congenitally ungrateful, it's likely her latest controversy, her strange attack on President Obama, probably lost her some allies, which first led to her dishonest tweet claiming the reporter distorted her words, and after she was discredited on that, her deletion of that tweet.

She can't seem to stay out of trouble on social media, despite the problems it brings her, and she shows no signs of getting off. It almost seems compulsive.

Omar has 715,000 followers, and she's often billed as the new vanguard of the Democratic Party, the youthful members accompanying the party's dinosaurs in leadership, coddled to the extreme by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who makes excuses for her at every turn. That seems to encourage more bad behavior from Omar, with each controversy as bad as the last.

It signals that her power and influence itself seem to be derived from her Twitter account. This also applies to other members of the Democratic vanguard who are voracious Twitterers.

And it might just signal that their power, which has the likes of Pelosi and her coevals cowed, is overstated. Tweet may translate into lots of press, but does big Twitter followership translate into votes? 

Democrats might argue that President Trump's Twitter followership did, and like Omar, he did lots of controversial tweets. 

But that's a miserable analysis, because it ignores that lots of Americans liked the substance of what he was saying and ignored the tweets as just frou-frou stylistics, same as his goofy hair.

Americans read the substance of Omar's tweets and they get a very different picture.

The 2018 midterm, which saw the election of a large number of moderate Democrats, would suggest otherwise. Crazy tweeting, coupled with objectionable substance, is only something that drives voters to Trump, who is as direct as can be on Twitter. It doesn't work the same way when Democrats tweet what they really think, because Democrats are all about concealing their statist and socialist agenda to make it sound like good stuff, as in: 'you can keep your doctor.' That would suggest that for a Democrat, tweeting what he or she really thinks doesn't work to their advantage the way it does for Trump.

Omar's (and the other crazy Democrats') bid to imitate Trump through wild tweets on Twitter, is leading to one misfire for Democrats after another, based on this fundmental misreading of the lay of the land. And based on what we have seen of Omar, she just can't help herself.


Image credit: Fibonacci Blue, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0

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