Losing 'bigly': Nancy Pelosi's bid to override President Trump's veto on halting the wall fails

Nancy Pelosi is the most popular Democrat among Democrats, owing to her perceived capacity to fight and win against President Trump, particularly over the border wall issue.  Seriously, one poll showed her ranked as number one, more popular than any of the Democrats running for president.  Remember this? Via GIPHY.   Her record, actually, is one of miserable failure. She did achieve a government shutdown for more than a month in her bid to halt a desperately needed border wall as the migrant surge sends tens of thousands of unvetted illegal aliens into the country with as many as five million on the way. What she paid for to achieve it was not just the flooding of the U.S. border with foreign nationals, or the suffering of the Democrats' own constituency, the government bureaucrats whose paychecks were delayed, but also turning down an offer to regularize the immigration status of thousands of DREAMers.  Legalizing the...(Read Full Post)
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