Losing 'bigly': Nancy Pelosi's bid to override President Trump's veto on halting the wall fails

Nancy Pelosi is the most popular Democrat among Democrats, owing to her perceived capacity to fight and win against President Trump, particularly over the border wall issue.  Seriously, one poll showed her ranked as number one, more popular than any of the Democrats running for president.  Remember this?



Her record, actually, is one of miserable failure.

She did achieve a government shutdown for more than a month in her bid to halt a desperately needed border wall as the migrant surge sends tens of thousands of unvetted illegal aliens into the country with as many as five million on the way.

What she paid for to achieve it was not just the flooding of the U.S. border with foreign nationals, or the suffering of the Democrats' own constituency, the government bureaucrats whose paychecks were delayed, but also turning down an offer to regularize the immigration status of thousands of DREAMers.  Legalizing the DREAMers would have been an actual victory for her, and she threw it away in her kitchen-sink bid to halt Trump's wall.

File under "stupid."

As Democrats cheered that, Trump then did what he said he would do, which was declare a national emergency at the border.  He had solid grounds for it, given that Congress has expressly given the president this authority (and President Obama used that authority on 12 occasions without a problem).  What that led to was $12 billion in funds for the border, not the piddly $5 billion Trump asked Congress for.

File under "even stupider."

Now we're at strike three: Nancy Pelosi's bid to congressionally forbid the construction of a wall, which Trump vetoed — and Pelosi attempted to override it in Congress.  That move went down like a World War I fighter jet, smoke trailing behind it, as the override failed.  Here's the Washington Times on the matter:

House lawmakers failed Tuesday in their bid to overturn President Trump's first veto, effectively upholding his declaration of a border emergency and leaving him with a free hand to build more of his border wall.

Democrats cast the vote as a test of patriotism, saying Congress needed to stand up to a tyrannical president overstepping his emergency powers.

But they didn't come close to winning enough Republicans to garner the two-thirds majority needed to override a presidential veto.  The 248-181 vote fell far short as Republicans brushed aside Democrats' rhetorical challenge and said the border situation was every bit the crisis that Mr. Trump described.

"Border security used to be a bipartisan issue," said Rep. Mike Rogers of Alabama, the ranking Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee.  "The president's declaration is only necessary because Congress can't reach a deal to secure our country."

Fail, fail, and fail again.  Pelosi says she's going to keep trying, living up to Hillary Clinton's "she persisted" motto.  How'd that work out for Hillary Clinton?

Lemming-like, Pelosi intends to find out. 

Just don't call it a record of success for Democrats in Congress under this vaunted leader.  Why is she still so popular with Democrats?  The only thing it looks like now is that they are all in for #losing.  Winning's a Trump thing, and they want no part of it.

Image credit: Screen grab from shareable Giphy video