Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's mom shows the socialist disconnect from reality on taxes

Like Sen. Kamala Harris, who was rebuked by her own father for perpetrating the stereotype of Jamaicans as potheads, socialist Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was effectively rebuked by her own mother, who told the Daily Mail she moved to Florida from New York to get away from all those high taxes. According to the Daily Mail:

'I was cleaning houses in the morning and working as a secretary at a hospital in the afternoon.  I was working from 6am until 11pm.  And I prayed and prayed, and things worked out.  After the children graduated from college, I figured it was time for me to move to Florida.'

Blanca said it was a no-brainer, adding: 'I was paying $10,000 a year in real estate taxes up north.  I'm paying $600 a year in Florida.  It's stress-free down here.'

Her mom comes off as an absolutely lovely woman in her interview with the Daily Mail, completely genuine, and with utterly normal concerns — wanting her daughter to get properly married to her boyfriend, fixing up her beat up new Florida house to look nice, telling charming stories about her daughter as a talky and sociable little child with the initiative to fix up a clubhouse for her friends, describing the ordeal of trying to save a home from bank repossession after a financial setback, praying and praying.  Any Trump voter reading the interview, including her pro-Trump neighbors, would say: "She's one of us" and, far from persecuting her (as she feared), would go out of their way to protect her.

That statement she made about taxes stands out.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has proposed a multi-trillion-dollar Green New Deal that would shoot taxes through the roof, ruining her own mom as well as everyone else.  According to Bloomberg:

In an appearance on 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper that aired on Jan. 6, she was talking up the Green New Deal, a plan to move the U.S. to 100 percent renewable energy by 2035.  Cooper challenged her by saying the program would require raising taxes.  "There's an element, yeah, where people are going to have to start paying their fair share," she replied.  Asked for specifics, she said, "Once you get to the tippy tops, on your 10 millionth dollar, sometimes you see tax rates as high as 60 or 70 percent."

Seventy percent!  For perspective, the top rate under the tax law that passed in December 2017 is 37 percent.

Daughter Ocasio-Cortez claims it's only a tax on "the rich."  But as Bill Gates has pointed out, the rich don't get their wealth from income — for them, it's just a "rounding error," as he put it.  They get it from assets, which are exempt from the kinds of taxes Ocasio-Cortez proposes, and they move assets abroad to avoid taxes.  With the "rich" a dry well, Ocasio-Cortez's taxes to pay for these green "investments" (like Solyndra?) would move straight down the food chain to hit her mother, which is what always happens under socialist schemes.  Remember Obamacare?

Ocasio also has blasted President Trump's tax cut as a "gift" to the rich, when the facts show that it was that very tax cut that helped the little guy and drove Trump's popularity above President Obama's.  The rise was most marked among Latinos like her mother, by the way.

The other thing Ocasio-Cortez has had to say about paying for her green schemes is that printing money would be the way to do it.  Printing money is why socialist Venezuela has money that is worthless and Venezuelans are now eating out of garbage trucks.  Printing money to pay for "government investments," as she puts it, would eventually lead to that, but it would start by creating inflation in the system which would in turn destroy all the little guys' savings.  Her mom?  Again, it's the little guy who'd get stiffed. 

New York's a blue city in a blue state and has been that way for decades.  It has the highest state tax rate in the nation.  Countless social programs and bureaucracy expansions in the name of "social justice" and "fairness" have made the city a cesspit of taxation, squeezing honest people like Ocasio-Cortez's mother out.

Last January, the New York Post reported:

According to recent data from the US Census Bureau, more people are leaving the state of New York.  Between July 2017 and July 2018, the Empire State lost 180,306 people and gained only 131,746 new residents.  A difference of 48,560 abandoned New York — the biggest decrease of any state in the US.

The problem is especially acute upstate where 42 out of 50 counties have seen a population decrease since 2010.

"Much more needs to be done to improve the basic climate for economic growth" upstate, said E.J. McMahon, the Research Director for the Empire Center for Public Policy, a conservative think tank based in Albany.  "It's just not dynamic enough to hold more of its people."

Her mom's one of these people, and the reason cited is the high cost of living which is explicitly premised on the size of the state.  As Billy Joel once sang: "Is that all you get for your money?"  Her mom was far more explicit about it than the New York Post interviewees — citing a $10,000-a-year property tax, which would be nearly a thousand a month to the city — or $600 a year in maybe one pop in low-tax, red-state Florida.

It's proof positive that Ocasio-Cortez's grand ideas about taxing and spending are poison.  Just look what other socialists' taxing and spending did to her mom.

Image credit: Mark Dillman, via Flickr, CC BY-SA 1.0.

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