Abortion in red and blue states

Here is an idea.  Imagine that someone who lived in the 1860s made a return visit to the U.S.  He'd look around and say: "I've seen this before.  We fought a civil war the last time states saw things so differently."

The divisions over abortion are about as red and blue as they can get.

Up in New York, the legislators cheered abortion at any point in the pregnancy.  Texas's own Beto O'Rourke said a woman should decide whether or not to have an abortion.  Other Democrats running for president would rather pander to Planned Parenthood than protect the unborn.

In TexasGeorgia, and other red states, legislatures are introducing more and more limits to abortion.

Where do we go from here?

First, it does not look as though there is either common ground or the prerequisite for a civil war.  Just ask the grandchildren of the Spanish Civil War who are still fighting it 80 years later.

Second, it confirms the insanity of Roe v. Wade.  We wouldn't be having these debates if state legislatures, not nine justices, had decided the issue.

Last but not least, there is something wrong with the soul of a nation if politicians are willing to shut off a beating heart for the sake of a contribution from a Hollywood freak.

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