A reminder that the only thing standing between us and the left's neo-Cultural Revolution is...Trump

Want to know why we got Trump? The answer can be found in a brilliant column by Peggy Noonan, who describes what happened in China during its utterly vile Cultural Revolution of the 1960s, and compares the feel of it to the current behavior seen on the left around the country.  It's not just the Democratic maniacs in Congress fueling the phenomenon; it's politics of political correctness in academia.  It's the Twitter mob forcing publishers to pull books.  It's in the destruction of Confederate statues, the covering up of Columbus pictures, and the renaming of airports.  It's also in the groveling of the current Democratic presidential candidates over past positions, and it's in House speaker Nancy Pelosi's continuous bowing to the fresh new socialist revolutionaries elected to the Democrats' ranks — the ones who want to take away your cars and force you...(Read Full Post)
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