A great takedown of Christian socialism

Darrell Harrison and his Just Thinking Podcast make for a great listen. This is the one episode you must hear. Harrison thoughtfully and methodically dismantles the whole idea of Christian socialism and social justice.  Social justice is merely one of the major avenues to socialism.  Socialism is essentially communism via manufactured consent.  State-enforced collectivism is a concept completely foreign and ultimately antithetical to the Bible.  It wholly contradicts and detracts from the good news of the gospel account.  How is it that so many who ought to know better are trading a great promise for a few state-sanctioned crumbs while encouraging others to do the same?  It is no mere coincidence that secular promoters of socialism (and social justice) support LGBT privileges, radical environmentalism, abortion, amnesty, and various other dehumanizing causes in their comprehensive quest to circumvent God’s...(Read Full Post)
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