Yearbook outrage, infanticide yawn

As we argue over 35-year old yearbook photos, we forget about a larger issue.

Let me confess that I'm willing to cut a politician a lot of slack over a 35-year-old photo.  I'm not defending the photos, but it's not fair to destroy a man's career over photos that were taken when President Reagan was in his first term.  To be fair, the governor has not dealt with the issue honestly, either.  He should have owned the photos and simply say it was a youthful mistake and to be judged by the rest of life.

The real issue for me was the Democrats and their reaction to infanticide, as Charlie Hurt discussed:

Turns out, killing babies is not so popular.

What is truly amazing is how many Virginia Democrat politicians had to touch that hot stove before they got the message that even mainstream Democrat voters do not approve – no, they are appalled, aghast and unbelieving – at the mere notion of an elective abortion during delivery.

It's between, you know, the mother and her "doctor," Death Squad politicians tell us.

For years, we have been chided for talking openly about fearing the Obamacare "Death Panels" that would reign after the government takes over every last corner of our health care system.

Turns out that not only are the Death Panels real, they're not just for old people and expensive sick people.  Democrat politicians want them for newborns, too.

"The infant would be kept comfortable," the Grand Wizard of Death Squads, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, tells us in chillingly antiseptic tones.

It was not popular with the people of Virginia, as the bill did not make it out of committee.  Nevertheless, the Democratic response is silence across the board.

Why aren't the media asking Democratic politicians about later-term abortions?

Better than that, where is the Democrat seeking national office willing to break with the left on this issue?

It seems to me that there is an opening for such a Democrat, someone who is willing to say infanticide is reprehensible.

As for the Virginia governor, he will probably resign, and who knows about Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax, who has his own problems as well?

In the larger picture, the Democrats' silence about late-term abortion or keeping the baby comfortable on a table is horrific.

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