Where's the left's outrage over Venezuelan dictator Maduro's slaughter of Indians?

As the Covington kids incident illustrates, whenever there's an outrage, seemingly targeted at an American Indian, you can bet the Left is going to be right there denouncing the supposed perpetrator and sticking up for the Native Americans.  Here's an old Mother Jones report that's likely to get the pub sued, waxing indignant about a phony claim of students taunting a Native American "Omaha elder."  Mother Jones slathers the white guilt on thick.

Meanwhile, white-as-snow Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, who played an Indian in the affirmative-action derbies to gain Ivy League teaching posts, now loudly claims to champion Native American causes. 

It's the old weepy thing liberals have about Indians, and the Indians I know find it disgusting.  Yes, most Americans of all politics have goodwill for Indians, but there's a reason the Cherokee Nation doesn't provide DNA samples for just anyone to test from to claim Native American ancestry.  Indians hate this stuff.

But there are real crimes committed against Native American peoples, all right, in this hemisphere, and zero surprise: it's the work of socialists — which calls attention to a problem here: the Left's double standard.

News headlines are reporting that two "protesters" were shot dead by Venezuelan troops (and at least eight were hit by gunfire) as they came to the southern border to claim a shipment of aid from Brazil.

Left out of the headlines: The people were Native American Indians, from an indigenous Amazon tribe, gunned down by the troops of Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro.  Here's the account of what happened from the Caracas Chronicles:

It all began last night.  Pemon indigenous communities gathered near the Venezuela-Brazil border, specifically at Kumaracapay, Gran Sabana municipality, expecting to help with the arrival of humanitarian aid, announced by Caretaker President Juan Guaidó for tomorrow, February 23.  Besides Cucuta, Colombia, this is the other entry point of the "humanitarian avalanche."

According to another source at the site who asked to remain anonymous ("This is a small town, you know,") the Venezuelan National Guard attacked the civilians with tear gas and pellets.  "They brought armored cars, shooted [sic] tear gas everywhere, something we've never, ever, had around here.  We took off running and we disseminated everywhere, some of us reached the town nearby, some are going to the conflict zone even on foot, wanting to help."

The source is careful with words: "I personally know Mrs. Zoraida was killed, and I know of eight wounded.  It's hard to say how many wounded there really are, because all of this happened as a car crash occurred nearby too.  So it's hard to say how many were hurt on the attack."

Two things are clear.  One, the situation at local hospitals is so bad, that many wounded had to be moved across the border for treatment.  Two, the indigenous community indeed "arrested" military officers.  Besides the soldiers Pérez mentioned, our anonymous source claims a general is also held:

"Things are very, very tense around here now.  I spoke to the captain (the way Venezuelan indigenous communities refer to their chiefs) Ubencio Gómez, and he personally confirmed to me that General José Montoya and two of his bodyguards are being held.  He also tells me reprisal seems to be on the way, they know of three military convoys that already crossed El Callao, about three hours from here, to reinforce their units."

That's a massacre, a classic massacre of Indians of the kind denounced by liberals.

Apparently, the Indians weren't taking this blatant murder of peaceful Indian aid recipients lying down and took a couple of the Maduroite shooters prisoner.  The Maduroites responded by sending in troop reinforcements, effectively to keep the Indians hungry.  One wonders if smallpox blankets are on the way.

You notice that this kind of barbarism isn't being inflicted (so far) on the western border, which is where the Live Aid-style concert is going on and the luminaries and political leaders, including Vice President Mike Pence, are present.  It's going on just where Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro is confident no one is going to pay attention, down in the rough and lawless south, where the Indians live.  Maduro's apparently fairly sure the white liberals in the U.S. are going to have a double standard about Indians this time, so the socialist gunfire blazes away.

So where's the liberal championing of Native Americans in this case?  So far, I don't see any.  Hungry Native Americans are literally being slaughtered by Maduroites for trying to accept food from Brazil, and the Left here is completely silent, with Jurassics such as Bernie Sanders ranting on about past U.S. invasions as the "real" problem, while liberals such as this Bloomberg columnist are unable to extricate the question of aid from their dislike of President Trump, despite his quotes from analysts who are helpfully trying to tell him Trump has it right.  He's got nothing there about the Indians.  Yet this is a bona fide slaughter of Native American Indians, and the same people who rush to defend Indians no matter what in the States are now weirdly silent about the targeting of them farther south.

For the record, Indians have always gotten the short end of the stick from the hemisphere's socialists. They were targeted for special slaughter by the Marxist Shining Path guerrillas in Peru during the 1990s, and they were targeted for murder by the Marxist FARC narco-terrorists in Colombia a decade later, something the Left kept blaming on President Alvaro Uribe, who put a lot of military muscle into defending them.  There have been numerous incidents of abuses against the indigenous people in Venezuela starting with the socialist Chávez regime, and now it's come to outright massacres.

Where is their liberal "compassion" for the Indians now that the Venezuelan socialist regime is not only starving them, but now killing them?  Their hypocrisy is showing.

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