Was Stacey Abrams really the best the Dems could do?

The Democrat leadership's politically correct, virtue-signaling selection of failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams to be their mouthpiece to rebut President Donald Trump's State of the Union address Tuesday night seemed odd to me, so I decided to dig a little.  What I've found has me wondering even more why they would pick such a person to be the face of the Democratic Party in a national broadcast with a huge audience.  Increasingly, it seems that the Dems have a fondness for phonies and failures, making it seem as if the Democrat leadership is unaware of that old wisdom, "Put your best foot forward."  In this case, it appears that the particular foot they picked to boot Trump's butt has a case of political toenail fungus.

After but a preliminary search, I was wondering why on Earth the Georgia Democratic Party powers that be had selected a former tax attorney, who doesn't pay her taxes timely, to be the chief executive officer of the state, expected by voters to govern responsibly.  Why would they advance a person to head their state, whose major obligation to the citizenry is managing the financial affairs of their state, who obviously cannot responsibly manage her own financial affairs?  According to articles out there on the web, candidate Abrams owed some serious money to the IRS, more than $50,000.  She had student loan debt in excess of $90,000.  And what's even more damning was her personal credit card debt, pushing $80,000.  It's doubtful that Ms. Abrams has completely balanced her books since that was reported less than a year ago, although, as a favored Democratic Party figure, the possibility can't be dismissed. 

So Abrams appears to have issues when it comes to managing her personal finances, and Georgia Democrat fat cats wanted her to head their ticket, to entrust her with the financial well-being of their state — with a budget approaching $50 billion.  Did they seriously want voters to believe they could not find, in the entire state of Georgia, a better qualified black female who could check off their requisite identity politics boxes, one, perhaps, who pays her taxes and her credit card bills?  Worse is that even though Georgia voters rejected this irresponsible woman and elected a man with a business background to manage their state finances, national Democratic Party leaders still saw fit to select a tax-evader as the face of the party to deliver the SOTU rebuttal, which she did rather poorly — and poorly is being charitable.

This politically correct farce illustrates the madness that permeates the Democratic Party, wherein qualifications to manage the affairs of our states and our nation take a dismissive back seat to race, sex, and sexual preferences when it comes to candidate selection.  For an even better demonstration of this leftist irrationality, one needs only to view the video of that sullen, surly, white-clad gaggle of Democrat women in the House chamber for Trump's address and observe their immature behavior.  You'd be hard pressed to find any examples of thoughtful, responsible leadership in that crowd of churlish girls.  Yep, I said "girls," because that is exactly the description their adolescent comportment begs for.  With their spoiled, snotty, self-serving behavior, they clearly demonstrated to America what the Democratic Party has become: a refuge for know-nothing know-it-alls, who, with the absolute certainty of adolescents, think they can do a better job of managing family affairs than the grown-ups.  And these are the women to whom the Democrats expect the voters to entrust the future of this nation?

If the Democrat leadership believes that Stacey Abrams represents the very best of this lame-brained bunch of petulant, pussy-hatted politicos, wouldn't you just love to see the financial statements on the rest of these new Democrat "leaders" who will control the trillion-dollar budgets and deficit spending of your nation?

Sleep on that thought, America...

Image: Barbara Jordan Forum 2012 via Flickr.

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