Virtue-signaling Super Bowl commercials: The good, the bad, and the ugly

As the nation’s highest-rated television program, the Super Bowl offers advertisers the opportunity to define (or re-define) themselves for the public in a way that no other venue can provide. A memorable commercial will be discussed among friends at Super Bowl parties today, and at the office water cooler tomorrow. That’s why companies are willing to pay $5 million for half a minute. Many companies take the opportunity to associate themselves with themes and values cherished by current and potential customers. The label “virtue-signaling” is usually used by me in a negative fashion when companies and people embrace the shibboleths of progressives, but there are many instances of companies espousing positive values that don’t offend me. I remain cynical about the motives, but uncomplaining about the values themselves. From a list of the Super Bowl commercials already revealed, one example of virtue-signaling  jumps out at me as good. This one...(Read Full Post)