Two SJWs sitting on a hill

Two social justice warriors are sitting side by side, high on a hill, above the noxious odor of cow farts, overlooking the fruited plain and discussing the things that disgust them most about the United States of America. 

The topic turns to economic justice; climate change; and how to save not just the United States, but the entire world from the "literal Hitler" who currently occupies the White House.

The first SJW is young and inexperienced in the ways of the world but offers up her plan to promote economic growth while at the same time helping to end climate change.  She points to an office building off in the distance with highly inefficient single-pane glass windows.  She says, "let's run down there and throw a brick through one of those vile, environmentally destructive windows.  By doing so, we'll start a chain reaction of economic growth, and thanks to current regulation, the window will need to be replaced with a new, environmentally friendly version."

The second SJWs, neither older nor wiser, but emboldened by her B.A. in economics and having been newly elected to Congress, believes she has a much better solution.  Self-assured in her abilities (and knowing she'll never be seriously scrutinized by the MSM), she chuckles and tells her friend to slow down.  "I've got a much better deal for the world — a green one.  Saving the planet and creating unimagined economic growth and prosperity can be a very simple task.  Why run down there and do so little when I need only walk down to D.C. and propose legislation that would allow us to break and replace not only every environmentally destructive window throughout the U.S., but all the buildings attached to those windows as well?  And that would be merely one of the many mandates and investments in my well thought out deal that would be fair and green and include free everything."

The first SJW loved the second SJW's plan but feared that no one — especially Democrat presidential contenders — would take this Green New Deal the least bit seriously.

While this may appear a crude blend of a funny story of two SJWs and wise parable about broken windows, there's nothing funny or wise about the Green New Deal.  The moral of this story is that no sane person should ever take seriously any political party that would support an SJW selling repackaged communist ideas that, if enacted, would thoroughly destroy our economy and screw every American citizen.

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