Trump's SOTU reveals the angry ladies of the left

Trump's SOTU speech was wonderful, factual and optimistic.  It was a celebration of America and the successes of the last two years.  No one would know it by the visible response of the ladies in white (allegedly an homage to women's suffrage), the mostly newly elected Democrat congresswomen.  The only part of the speech they sincerely applauded was themselves – more women in Congress.  For most of the rest of the speech, they sat on their hands, looking mad (Mazie Hirono), glum (all of them), petulant and dismissive (Kamala Harris), bored and studiously disinterested (Nancy Pelosi).  Pelosi, along with Schumer, the rudest person in Congress ever, seemed to be masticating something throughout the entire speech.  Her bizarre mouth movements are as annoying as they are distracting. 

These angry women could not have better demonstrated who and what the Democratic Party is today.  As many have observed, this is not the party of JFK.  It is the party of Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler.  Those women could not even stand to oppose late-term, post-birth abortion.  As Planned Parenthood has been for years, these Democrat women are now in Hitler territory.  Next they will be supporting the euthanasia of the elderly.  Obamacare tried to do exactly that.  That is the slippery slope they have willingly created for themselves.  Trump's speech forced them to reveal their callous, murderous agenda for all to see.

It was a pathetic, un-American spectacle, those women.  In the end, they are about one thing, one thing only: rage.  Rage at whom and what?  Who knows?  But it cannot be the country.  Look at where they are, the success they've attained.  Each of them is an example of the opportunity, freedom, and equality that only this nation provides, and still they are angry.  They still want to abort fully formed infants, tax the rich into oblivion, and impose Venezuelan-style socialism on us all. 

Is their fury because they want the full legal right to kill full-term infants if convenient for the mother?  Can that be true?  Can they not accept legal abortion up to twelve weeks?  Apparently not.  Trump's reference to Virginia's attempted legalization of post-birth abortion and that state's governor's willingness to let a full-term born infant die was revelatory.  The ladies in white sat on their hands.  The Democratic Party supports infanticide; there is no longer any doubt about that.  If Democrats' agenda were to be legalized across the nation, we would be sliding toward the policies that Hitler introduced in 1930s Germany.  How can these women not see this?  Or do they see it and agree with it?

The magic moment, among many in the speech, was when Trump said, "This will never be a socialist country."  The applause was the loudest of the evening, which was a relief.  The socialists in Congress are a noisy bunch, but they are a decided minority who will never win the rest of us over.  But the ladies in white could not stand.

Nor could they stand for the people whose families have been murdered by illegal aliens.  There can be no doubt that the left values illegal aliens over American citizens.  They know they need dependent voters to stay in power.  They are completely without shame, and yet they have power over us all.

This SOTU may be a tipping point.  It should be a tipping point.  It was that good.  Trump is a fearless man and a great President.  Tonight, he put the Democrats on their back foot.  It is where they belong; they do not have America's best interest at heart.  Everyone who watched now knows that for sure.

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