Trump ups the pressure on Maduro-loyalist military officers threatening to deport their families living the good life in the USA

President Trump is exercising his “art of the deal” skills on the Venezuelan military, increasing pressure on them to disobey the illegitimate president, Maduro, and allow in the humanitarian aid supplies that have massed on their borders. He understands the larger context in which the corrupt Maduro loyalists love their lives: they and their families escape the hell-on-earth that socialism has created in Venezuela by looting  the remaining wealth for themselves and establishing their families in the USA or Caribbean nations, where they can lives of comfort, freedom, and even affluence. The Miami Herald reports: The Trump administration is threatening to deport the family members of Venezuelan military officials — including some who live in the Miami area — who don’t disobey the Maduro government and allow aid from the United States to enter Venezuela. A senior administration official told a small group of reporters Friday that the...(Read Full Post)
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