The socialists declare war

The recent loss of 25,000 jobs proposed via Amazon's deal designed to set up a new headquarters in Long Island City is directly attributable to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her band of left-wing New York City politicians.  The Democratic Socialists of America's protests against the LIC HQ have forced Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to find another location for his company's facility. 

The socialists opposed Amazon's plans in Queens based on claims that they were not adequately brought into the planning phases of the HQ.  This is certainly not a valid excuse for denying New York City residents honest paying work in a city that boasts gargantuan costs of living and high poverty rates.

Imagine if one of GM's or Ford's plants had been protested and forced out of a city because of socialist ideology in the 1950s.  It wouldn't have been allowed to happen.  Why would Americans sabotage their families and Main Street by preventing a formidable job-creator to inject its dollars and influence in their hometowns?

A congresswoman's influence has affected not only constituents in her district, but over eight million New Yorkers in one of the biggest cities in the world.  What other businesses will be denied entry to New York City because of socialist inclinations?  How many families have lost out on honest pay in order to stroke Ocasio-Cortez's ego?  How long before the socialists target the private affairs of entrepreneurs and small business-owners?  The DSA's activity is a clear declaration of war on American capitalism and our respectable culture of honest work.  First they came for our jobs — what will they come for next?

Tom Copper is a pseudonym.