The massive, well funded assault on charter schools by teacher unions

For the first time in a generation, there is labor unrest in America's public schools.  Strikes in Los Angeles, Denver, Oakland, and West Virginia as well as threatened strikes in other localities are more than teacher unions flexing their muscles to get more pay and benefits for their members.  At issue everywhere is the success of charter schools and the perceived threat they pose to the nation's public schools. Indeed, Ray Domanico of the Manhattan Institute points out that the increased activism of the unions is occurring as the Democratic Party is drifting ever farther leftward. Washington Examiner: What's behind the recent spate of teacher strikes from Los Angeles to Denver, West Virginia, and Oakland?  Local issues like across-the-board raises and increased educational spending are certainly a big part of teachers' demands, but they could have been fought without a strike.  The larger issue at play, and the real...(Read Full Post)
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