The existential threat to the Democratic Party

There is an existential threat to the Democratic Party — brought on by Democrats.

Pandering to black voters — and supporting policies that keep them uneducated and living in ghettos — has been a high priority of the Democrat Party since the 1930s.

It has been a success.  Democrats get 90 percent of the vote of Americans with black skin in most cases.  But several trends are working to loosen that hold — two in particular.

One is the integration of neighborhoods that is taking place naturally and despite policies designed to prevent it.  One of the liberal fantasies is "white flight," in which white Americans allegedly have fled cities for the suburbs to avoid living near black Americans.  Any cursory examination of the data demonstrates that blacks, as they rise the economic ladder, are fleeing crime and congestion for the suburbs and rural areas as well.

Another commonsense conclusion can be arrived at by simple observation.  Look at the couples in shopping malls.  How many are mixed-race?  As they marry and have children, are those children going to be the oppressed or the oppressors?

Liberals are helpless.  They cannot prevent it from happening.  Some people have black skin, and some have white, but at some point in the future, it is likely most will have skins of a neutral hue.

Skin color is the least important characteristic of a person to conservatives, and science says there are more differences among races than between races.  To liberals, it is the most important fact about a person, and they do everything possible to emphasize that difference and convince one segment of Americans that they are victims and another segment is the reason — mostly over events that took place centuries ago.

For a party that lives and thrives on identity politics, a homogenized society is death.  So the sudden lurch in immigration policy fostered by Sen. Teddy Kennedy in 1965 was a brilliant strategy.  It shifted the emphasis from nations with similar cultures to those from the Third World and other cultures with little in common and often little interest in assimilating.

National self-interest dictates seeking the best and brightest in the world, those who want to be Americans and will help the national stock.  There is no point whatsoever in bringing people who dislike our customs and traditions, do not intend to follow them, and have no interest in working — unless you are opposed to voter ID and other fraud protections and expect to gain votes for your political party that you can't get from the domestic population.

In their desperate quest to find and enlist "minorities," liberals have recruited homosexuals, made up a class they call "transgendered," and supported open borders to allow anyone and everyone in, seeking to overwhelm the American electorate.

But America is a melting pot.  Except for those who refuse to assimilate, the Democrats will fail in their attempt to survive on identity politics.