Thanks to Jussie Smollett for blowing open the fake hate crime epidemic

As a long-suffering California Republican, I have engaged the radical left for the past couple decades and have found their modus operandi to be this; create a caricature of their opponents, and demand that said opponents defend said caricature.  Racist, misogynist, homophobe, xenophobe, ageist, on and on and on.  Who among us, over the past handful of years has not been tarnished by the broad brush of these ad hominem claims?

You and I know they're nonsense, but it seemed the more we argued against the claims, the more the general populace seemed to accept them as truth.  If we ignored them, we accepted their validity.  If we defended ourselves, we acknowledged their validity — a vicious catch-22.

Sadly, in California, this M.O. has worked like a charm.  Republicans have all but ceded power to the Left and now have no power to thwart the leftist agenda. With Barack Obama's ascension, leftists began "community organizing" this tactic on a national level.  Pols, celebrities, activist groups (LGBTQ, Antifa, labor unions, etc.), and media have helped to further this lie with their drumbeat of false assertions.

Enter Jussie Smollett, a prototypical Trump-deranged leftist.  While he orchestrated a hate crime hoax on a grand scale, the reality is that his is only the latest such hoax to rear its ugly head.  

The Daily Caller has compiled a list of Trump-era hate crime hoaxes:

Anti-Muslim Hate Crime In Michigan Turns Out To Be A Hoax (Nov. 2016)

  • Bisexual Student Fakes Trump-Inspired Hate Crime (Nov. 2016)
  • White Men Rob Muslim Woman Of Her Hijab And Wallet — Except It Never Happened (Nov. 2016)
  • Church Organist Vandalizes Own Church (Nov. 2016)
  • White Guy Sets His Own Car On Fire, Paints Racial Slur On His Own Garage (Dec. 2016)
  • Fake Hate At Air Force Academy Goes Viral (Sept. 2017)
  • New York Woman's Hate Crime That Wasn't (Sept. 2018)
  • The Covington Catastrophe (Jan. 2019)

Aside from the recent Covington event, most of these hoaxes have flown under the radar.

I want to thank Jussie Smollett for bringing these deranged hoaxes to light.

We should use this event to go on the offensive.  We should stop allowing the Left to mischaracterize us.  This event, along with Covington and so many others, is proof of the Left's Trump Derangement Syndrome.  

The president, rather than harping on fake news, should ascribe a more nefarious motive for the media's actions: TDS.

When, ahem, celebrities speak out — TDS.

When college professors and students exhibit their fits of insanity — TDS.

When Nancy or Chuck speaks out against obvious ways to protect America and Americans — TDS.

We have been on the defensive too long.  It is high time that we expose the Left for its lies and deceit.  Jussie Smollett's hoax may be the event that allows us to expose the derangement of the whole cabal.