Poll shows Democrats have lots to worry about from a Schultz challenge: Run, Howie, run!

The Democrats are screaming bloody murder about Howard Schultz, following the former Starbucks CEO's statement on 60 Minutes stating he was merely contemplating a presidential run in 2020.

Here's the Democrats' worst fears coming true, from Politico:

The POLITICO/Morning Consult poll shows anti-Trump and Democratic voters are more open to supporting third-party candidates than Republicans – evidence supporting the prominent Democrats who spent the last week warning that a credible, well-funded independent could improve President Donald Trump's chances of reelection.

While only 26 percent of voters who approve of Trump's job performance as president are very or somewhat likely to consider a third-party candidate, a larger percentage of Trump disapprovers, 41 percent, would consider voting for an independent.  By party, nearly a third of Democrats, 31 percent, say they would consider a third-party candidate – greater than the 25 percent of Republicans who would consider voting for someone other than the two major-party nominees.

Worse still, the data show that Schultz is unlikely to win if he runs independent.  He's only going to peel off more Democrats than Republicans and in 2020's tight race, that spells victory – for Trump.

Life can be good.

And Trump has not stopped fighting, which is the reason we went for him the first time.  There are still a lot of fights to be fought.

So we can bet that Democrats are going to continue to holler louder about this impending doomsday scenario, as they insist it's time to turn the Trump revolution around.

Here's the thing, though.  Democrats' problem is that they feel entitled to this.

They are hopping and hollering, and no doubt plotting a barrage of dirty tricks against Schultz as they cook up every reason in the books to stop him from running.

Howie is a well meaning liberal, who speaks a liberal line that leftists like, yet he's also a man with two feet flat on the floor, speaking of fiscal discipline and the importance of creating a good economy with good-paying jobs.  Democrats don't think about those things.  For them, government can solve all problems, ballot-harvesting and vote rigging are there ensure their permanent power, global warming is the perfect virtue-signaling means with which to control the peasants, illegals can come and get the goodies, health care is best done on the model of Cuba or England, and money to pay for all of these schemes can simply be printed.

Schultz serves as a brake to this lockstep far-left lunacy, which is to say Democrats have failed on that front.  They've dropped themselves into this.  They should have had one of their own taking the moderate view as their party's moderate offering.  Somehow they didn't, and it's clear it's because they've chased such people as that out.  Schultz is right that there are a lot of independents, and those people may easily come over to his side.  But he's also a signal to the Democrats that their party has swung too far left in all of its offerings, and there are a lot of discontented Democrats who aren't all in for House speaker Nancy Pelosi's Rule of the Dinosaurs.

Now, it's true that Schultz could siphon off some Republicans (the liberal wing), and it's possible he might actually win based on that, given the path that Donald Trump paved for outsiders.  The GOP let Trump in, and sure enough, he won the presidency for them.  Democrats have refused to let Schultz in, either intentionally or unintentionally, based on their own rigid leftist party line.

But with the poll showing asymmetry in the Schultz appeal, it's pretty obvious that one side of the political spectrum is more dysfunctional than the other, and it's the one that's going to pay for its dysfunction. 

Democrats have no one to blame but themselves for this. 

Run, Howie, run!

Image credit: Sgt. Jennifer Spradlin, U.S. Army, public domain.

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