Pelosi and Ilhan Omar attempt sincerity on anti-Semitism walk-back

Apparently, Rep Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.)'s spritely tweet that Jews with their "Benjamins" ($100 bills) buy Congress to support Israel upset the first grandmother to be speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-Walled California Grand Estates), more than Omar's other years-long and extensive anti-Israel, anti-Jewish tweets and comments.  Omar's pleas for leniency for Americans who wanted to join the terrorist ISIS or blame America first for other international acts of terrorism didn't seem to upset Pelosi, either.  After all, aren't all Omar's racist, anti-American attitudes the reason Pelosi handpicked the brand new legislator for a place on the prestigious and highly influential House Foreign Affairs Committee to give it weight with...well, foreigners?  And to silence Republicans?  

Nevertheless, Pelosi had a belated little chat with Omar, and lo! Omar issued a non-apology apology, capped with buts and dripping with insincerity.  And phoniness.  And, with that last paragraph, indicating she'll continue her bigoted and hate-America ways but more subtly.  

I did like her Twitter "standing strong" muscular arm emoji in medium skin tone.  

Happy with her arm-twisting, the toast of Hollywood issued her own equally insincere, phony statement on the situation, along with other top Democrats.  You just know they'll also continue with their own prejudices, but more subtly.   

Nice picture of Nancy though.

Ri-i-i-ght!  As Democrats (notice, that is their first identity) and as Americans (the rest of Congress),  Pelosi and company will define hatred in their own prejudicial fashion. 

After all, Omar remains on the Foreign Relations Committee.  And all the Democratic signers continue their silence about blackface and KKK costumes, rejecting legitimate criticism of such attire while stressing minority identity for favored groups, thus legitimizing discrimination against others and denouncing those who disagree with them in the strongest, nastiest, ugliest terms and actions.  

So be alert to all forms of hatred, racism, prejudice and discrimination, for they will be encountered wherever Democrats land.  We don't need these tweets or statements to know that.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.