Ocasio-Cortez brags she has a 'razor-sharp BS detector'

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should find a way to bottle her essence and sell it as an emetic.  Much of what most politicians say makes us queasy and a little nauseated.  But many times, what Ocasio-Cortez has to say makes me want to throw up. Newsweek: Ocasio-Cortez, following up on some of the previous lines of questioning, asked Cohen about documents pertaining to American Media's hush money "catch-and-kill" practice, whether Trump had ever provided inflated assets to an insurance company or deflated his assets to reduce his tax bills. In his response, Cohen suggested that Trump had committed tax fraud, and that the answers would lie in a comparing Trump's financial statements with his tax returns. The computer scientist Matt Blaze wrote on Twitter: "Are we sure @AOC is a former bartender and not a former prosecutor? That was a pretty amazing line of questions today." Replying to Blaze,...(Read Full Post)
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