Nancy Pelosi gives DACA kids the shiv

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lived up to her "cut your head off and you won't even know you're bleeding" characterization from her own daughter in the upcoming border deal, and not just for Republicans.

It's not just that the badly needed funds for a border wall were slashed to a mere $1 billion.  (As a means of comparison, the California bullet train got $77 billion allotted for its construction, with an easy $3 billion of that from the feds.)

Actually, the DACA kids got nothing.

The border wall for the DREAMers deal, sometimes put forward by President Trump as a means of sweetening the wall funding for the Democrats, didn't figure in the recently completed negotiations for government funding.

What did get through as the magic bargaining chip for the meager wall funds was something far more disturbing: expanded catch-and-release.  Breitbart reports:

The spending package provides the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency with less detention space to house border crossers and illegal aliens, funding about 40,250 beds rather than the 52,000 beds that Trump had requested.  This is about the same level of detention space that is currently funded and that which ICE officials have said is not sufficient.

Due to the massive number of illegal aliens in the U.S. — around 12 to 22 million — and roughly 1,300 new border crossers coming to the country every day, ICE officials have had to routinely exceed this 40,250 bed limit.

There is also this from Breitbart:

A key provision in the spending bill being presented to President Trump for signing stipulates that the federal government give specific Texas border counties the opportunity to derail any efforts to build barriers, fencing, or walls by simply opposing the construction of the border security measures — but many of the specified counties have a long and recent history of top officials taking bribes from the Mexican Gulf Cartel.  Ultimately, the bill allows county offices with historic ties to the Gulf Cartel to stop U.S. border barriers from being constructed in the region.

Both of these will encourage more illegal immigration.  Instead of relief for the DACA kids, Democrats went with that.

It's just in time for the five million people from south of our border who are already raring to come over this year, and you can bet it's not just south of our border where would-be illegals are working up their plans for illegal immigration.  The prospect of wearing an easily cut ankle bracelet instead of detention is going to make migrating illegally that much more attractive, while the wall itself will be gummed up in lawsuits from mobbed up county officials.

Sorry, DACA kids.  Instead of relief for you, which this bill might have entailed, you get additional migrant competition from south of the border, all hankering for the same amnesty you are looking for — and it's millions and millions of people.  Obviously, you aren't so very special, except as a talking point for Democrats.  Democrats want you just where you are, living amnesty-to-amnesty, a few years here, a few years there, never moving forward with long-term plans in your lives.  All that ballot-harvesting for a Democratic takeover of Congress, and you got nothing.

This rather explains why DREAMers have shown some willingness to obnoxiously mau-mau Pelosi, who claims to champion them.  Actually, she gave them the shiv.  One almost wonders if it was those protests that got them the shiv.

This is astonishing, really: nothing for DACA, but a large amount of succor to human-smuggling cartels that profit off illegal immigration and a huge new welcome mat for millions of new illegals.  What we see here is the Democratic Party's vested interest in chaos — not a solution for one of its favorite protected classes, the DACA kids, but a dinner triangle to call for more illegal immigration.  Democrats under Pelosi don't care about the plight of DREAMers; their real interest is in an ever larger pool of illegals with no voting or citizenship rights, but lots of bureaucrat-hiring to deliver "services" to them, and greater congressional representation for Democrats as their numbers fill the precincts.  The only thing Democrats want for illegals is their numbers, and as for their interests, or their voice, it will continue to be turned over to activists and federally financed NGOs who purport to represent them.  Actual relief for illegals to do their own thing and eventually live as Americans isn't anywhere near in this picture.

This is the doing of Democrats.  This is "who they are," and it demonstrates in spades what their use for illegal aliens really is: a vast helot class with no official rights to bolster Democrat priorities, always staying illegal.  If I were an illegal alien of any kind, I'd be looking to Republicans for some kind of naturalization deal palatable to Republicans and focused on the rule-of-law front, maybe some kind of deal where they can apply legally in their home country same as the others to get in, with credit for academic achievement, English mastery, military service, and U.S. job needs in the states, over this newly revealed Democrat plan for them, with amnesty forever dangled out.

Nancy Pelosi has cut their heads off.  It shows just how stupid it is for anyone, even those she claims to champion, to trust this human viper. 

Image credit: YouTube screen grab from Tucker Carlson's Fox News show.

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