Lots of parents are cheering for the Covington kids

We hear from news reports that "The Covington Kids" are making their move:

One of the attorneys representing Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann and his family says he's confident that the media entities that smeared the 16-year-old boy will eventually be brought to justice in a Covington, Ky., courtroom.

"We clearly think that we're going to be able to get these issues in front of a jury, and frankly, that jury is most likely to be here in Covington Kentucky," said Sandmann family attorney Todd McMurtry Thursday.  He added, "And this whole community knows what happened."

McMurtry spoke with Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes by phone, saying he and co-counsel L. Lin Wood will be taking "pretty strenuous legal action" against potentially hundreds of media entities to make right some of the wrongs that have forced the family into hiding and damaged the boy's reputation.

The teen's name was dragged through mud after a viral video clip showed him smiling at Native American activist Nathan Phillips during an incident at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., on January 18.

Go for it is all I can say!

Time will tell, but I think the kids have a few things going for them:

1. Just about every parent in the U.S. sympathizes with them.  Who wouldn't sympathize with young men being harassed that that?

2. Prove malice?  What in the world do you call some of those messages prematurely posted on social media?

3. I think a lot of people in the country want to punch back at the Twitter mobs.  Often, these are unnamed mobs just out to destroy anyone they disagree with.

Who knows if they will win?  Nevertheless, it'd be nice to teach some of these organizations a lesson or two about irresponsible behavior.

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