Kirsten Gillibrand doubles down on stupid

The 2020 Democrat field for president already has found its candidate useful for comic relief.  It is hard to see Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's campaign for president going anywhere, but I do hope she hangs in to the bitter end — if only to force the other candidates to take a position on her announced goals and policies.

The RNC's research arm certainly knows how to spot idiocy, and it highlights what she said on a podcast Saturday: that it is an "urgent goal" to eliminate private health insurance.

Sorry, Blue Cross, Aetna, and the rest of the companies and their hundreds of thousands of employees, not to mention the large majority of Americans who express satisfaction with their own insurance and health care.

For a while there, it seemed as if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez might personally make obsolete the dumb blonde jokes we've enjoyed for the past several decades.  But thanks to Gillibrand, that cultural tradition is being preserved.

Vimeo screen grab, cropped.

Who knows?  She may even end up with a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts for her efforts in preserving a folk tradition.

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