Kamala Harris blasted by her own dad for pushing negative stereotypes about Jamaicans

For someone running for the president of the U.S. on a politically correct identity politics ticket, it sure doesn't look good when you gratuitously throw out a negative stereotype of anyone.  If you're shameless enough, not a problem.  But when your own dad calls you out, yes, there is a problem. The blowback is here for Kamala Harris, who, in a bid to pander to the pot vote, promoted the scuzzy stereotype of Jamaica as the pothead nation. Much of the attention from her disastrous interview with "Charlamagne tha God" on a Bay Area radio station rightly went to her strange timeline of pot-smoking, answering the question of whom she listened to when she got high, from Charlamagne tha God and his sidekick, DJEnvy, after she confirmed she smoked pot in college. Her giggling Cheech and Chong–like response was this: HARRIS: And look, I joke about it — half-joking — half my family's...(Read Full Post)
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