Isn't it amazing how the media see Pelosi as so smart and strong, no matter what she does?

In December, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi decided they were willing to shut down the government instead of giving President Trump a dime for border barriers — for which they had voted for before.  They had control of their subordinates, who did what they were told instead of voting for sensible barriers, no matter how they had voted before.

Instead of the media calling out Democrats for being obstinate, uncompromising, and flip-floppers on the issue, the Democrats were supported, and Trump was blamed for the 35-day partial closing.  The media marveled at how strong and firm Pelosi was.  Pelosi even resorted to calling the border barriers that she voted for before and that exist and work in Pelosi's home state of California "immoral."  The media continued their genuflection to Pelosi throughout the entire period.  They colluded with Democrats to run sob stories and blame Trump.

Caricature by Donkey Hotey.

After 35 days, Trump was pragmatic and compromised to get the government open because he realized that Schumer and Pelosi weren't really negotiating.  

Instead of complimenting Trump for being willing to give in and open the government based on the promise that Pelosi, Schumer, and the Democrats would negotiate after the government was open, they again pounced on Trump, saying how weak he was.

The Atlantic declared her the victor.  CNN was proud that Pelosi was 100% firm and that there was not any meaningful dissent by the Democrats, who seem to be willing to do what they are told.  Independent thinking is not encouraged.  After all, she could get Democrats to vote for Obamacare before they actually knew what was in the bill.

Now that there appears to be some actual negotiations and some money will probably go for some sort of border barrier, here comes a puff piece from the Associated Press on Pelosi about how pragmatic and moderate she is.  We will never see a piece about how pragmatic Trump is in his willingness to adjust his demands to reality to get things done.

Now we see that the talks to keep the government open may break down because Democrats are trying to limit the number of beds available to detain illegal aliens.  That shows how unserious they are about enforcing the immigration laws they passed and about securing the borders.

Maybe we should limit the number of people in the U.S. who can be detained for murder, rape, property crimes, white-collar crimes, and gun crimes.

Those things make as much sense as what it appears the Democrats are proposing.

Every once in a while, Democrats pretend they want to enforce the immigration laws they passed when they voted for funding barriers, but their true colors always come out when they refuse to appropriate the funds.

My guess is that most of the complicit media will support Democrats as they always do and blame Trump and Republicans as they always do for the budget impasses.  The outright bias is showing more each day, and it is pathetic and dangerous to our freedom and prosperity. 

A side note that reflects on how most of the media reports on everything these days: there have been many stories in recent days on income taxes, and almost all of them start with noting that income tax refunds are down 8% so far this year — as if that reflects how the new tax code raised taxes.  Every journalist should know that rates and total liability are the things that matter in determining whether the people saved on taxes, not the size of the refund.  On ABC, they had sob stories on the size of the refunds.

One single mother said she got a raise of $1,000 last year and a refund of $1,000, and this year she owed $26.  Somehow the journalists forgot to ask how much she paid in taxes for each year, or if her situation had changed, to see if her taxes went up or down.

The purpose of this misleading reporting on tax refunds, like most things today, is to trash Trump and Republicans and to elect Democrats.  Facts haven't mattered for a long time, only the agenda.

Isn't it amazing that after two years of constant trashing of Trump and misleading and false reporting, today, Trump is approved by 52% in the Rasmussen poll?

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