Is America’s fate sealed?

The left is advancing without relent while the right remains passive (at best). While idiots drone on about faux -isms and -obias, in reality we’re suffering under the unbearable weight of institutionalized stupidity in the face of evil.

It would not be an overstatement to say that war is being waged against our nation – a war the Republican Party refuses to acknowledge, and therefore will not fight.

The army on the left is made up of an array of dangerous people, including progressives, socialists, communists, anarchists, Islamists, and a host of identity politics splinter groups. Nearly all operate all under the “big tent” called the Democratic Party. And they share one goal: the destruction of America.

And it’s happening fast.

Meanwhile, as the left advances, those in power on the right appear utterly clueless, cowardly, and/or complicit despite the brazen, in-broad-daylight enormity of this assault.

The tactics the left employs are wide-ranging, from outright violence to big tech fascism and everything in between. It’s like an anti-American monster machine with highly coordinated moving parts rolling across the country, targeting institutions, individuals, and ideas it finds “offensive” or “divisive.”

Many on the right chronicle these events, acting like war reporters, while the left wages the actual war. Ruthlessly. And without relent.

What we are witnessing is chilling, surreal, and all encompassing in its threat.

The left is the force behind the breakdown of the traditional family, an education system that brainwashes students, the dismantling of free speech, the infiltration of Islamic supremacists into every major institution, Godlessness, lawlessness, and manufactured madness.

And when the left fights, they fight to win.

So while reflecting on this one-sided war, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share what many readers are undoubtedly familiar with (though sometimes great things are worth revisiting): Paul Harvey’s 1965 broadcast “If I were the Devil.” (Transcript: here)

Take heart. Have hope. Fight hard. We have truth and God on our side.

Image credit: Pax Ahimsa Gethen

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