Governor Northham's honesty

It was refreshing in this post-truth age for Governor Northam to reveal his genuine support for post-birth abortion.  Compared to the outrage about the sophomoric racist photo in Northam's old yearbook, the reaction to his permissive abortion stance was disappointingly subdued, although many on the Left defended it.  This same sentiment was reinforced at the State of the Union, when the Dems sat down as the newest abortion laws were criticized.  These opposite reactions have inadvertently confirmed that much of America has thoroughly embraced the postmodern philosophy of moral relativism where truth is whatever supports the Left's latest utopian vision.

Abortion activists should be given some credit for shaping this cultural change.  However, more credit should go to those from my generation who launched the sexual revolution that exploded on campuses in the mid-1960s.  Roe v. Wade soon followed.  These young, hippie revolutionaries demanded total freedom and absolute nonjudgmentalism while embracing Marxist ideals for achieving total equality.  Like many other Boomers, I quickly moved on and became a responsible adult with a career and a traditional family.  Meanwhile, true believers stayed loyal to the cause and gradually achieved ascendency in education, the arts and entertainment industry, news media, and other positions of societal influence. 

Thanks to our governor's truthfulness, it is now evident that the ideas from this half-century-old revolution have been firmly woven into the fabric of the Democratic Party and my once conservative Virginia.  This latest incremental expansion of abortion also hints at where the Left's utopian vision of unrestrained personal freedom is headed.  Something resembling an "elder care" wing of Planned Parenthood is fast becoming a reality.  First it was Oregon, and then several other states paved the way by legalizing assisted suicide.  Medicare for All, if enacted, will guarantee the need for death panels.  Apparently, Dostoevsky was correct when he said "If God is dead, everything is permitted." 

There is little concern when a few individuals adopt this philosophy, but the Left uses government power to coerce everyone to approve of whatever new vice leftists desire regardless of moral concerns, religion, or conscience.  And they have used legal action, political correctness, social media thought police, and name-calling to punish and silence those opposed. 

This postmodern definition of freedom is not what the Founders intended, and it cannot end well.  President John Adams feared this possibility, stating, "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."