Giant billboards reveal Trump friendship is electoral gold for Netanyahu in Israel's election

The American media would have you believe that President Trump is universally reviled around the world and that the only people who support him are mentally and morally deficient Americans with bad teeth, who shop at Walmart and smell bad.  But in some countries, President Trump's favor is electoral gold, while elsewhere (France, for instance), Trump is a hero to those rebelling against their own globalist establishments.

The left-wing Israeli newspaper Haaretz notes that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party has erected giant billboards around Tel Aviv and Jerusalem showing Trump and Netanyahu shaking hands, with the inscription, "Netanyahu.  In another league."

Photo credit: Twitter via Middle East Monitor.

Allison Kaplan Sommer writes in Haaretz:

As the high-stakes Israeli election campaign kicks into high gear with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu facing his first formidable rival in years in the form of former general Benny Gantz, he has decided to play what seems to be one of his strongest cards: his relationship with President Donald Trump.

Commuters in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem beginning their work week on Sunday encountered massive billboards on the cities' highways featuring Trump and Netanyahu clasping hands with big smiles, over which loomed the Israeli prime minister's campaign slogan: "Netanyahu. In Another League."

The billboard underscores the message that the current prime minister's diplomatic finesse and positive influence on the U.S. president can't be replicated by another leader.

In fact, as the Haaretz writer notes later, Netanyahu is comfortably ahead in the polls, but Israel's version of the Deep State is attempting to indict him before the election and swing support away, as explained on these pages a couple of days ago by Shoula Romano Horing.

As the world is being rocked by protests against globalists in many democracies, the American media are behind the curve and doing their best to ignore the emergence of Donald Trump as a hero to many of those victimized by concentration of wealth and power in the hands of urban elites who seek global governance bleeding power away from national sovereignty.

Hat tip: John McMahon

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